Dear Friends,

Where are we going? Did you ever sat down for a minute thinking about how the whole system is bugged with endemic biases? I do, a lot. And I can’t help myself thinking about going deeper these biases and re-encoding back basic activity.

Our moms raised us as a gentlemen, but our methods are stronger than they really need to be. The nature of human communication, attached with all classes of behaviours, generate always conflict between the parts. Me, I embrace this conflict and use it as a weapon to unhinge degenerate thinking. It’s a hard task I have to do constantly.

A fresh start is something we need to pursue. The vision is off, we need to switch it back on. All the functioning part of this big apparently good machine has to run in some most near pefect ways, and we have to control the entire process without manipulations.

If you trust, you can't verify. And if you verify, you can't trust.

What would you do?